Hyster Service Manual PN 897135 Challenger H70XL H80XL H90XL H100XL H110XL


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Hyster Service Manual PN 897135 

Challenger H70XL H80XL H90XL H100XL H110XL

This manual came from our local foundry.  It is used and DUSTY (no charge for the dust)  but still in very usable shape.  There may cosmetic flaws and the cover or the rings.  What you would expect from an old manual from a dirty foundry.  There may be a couple of notations on some of the pages but nothing excessive. I did notice a loose page or two in some of the manuals.  Nothing those hole reinforcements wouldn’t fix.  

I have several other Hyster manuals for sale on here.  Just check my listings to see if I have the one you need.  

Now for the boring stuff.  Thank you for looking at our item.  Please read description carefully and look over the pictures.  Make sure all specs match the specs you need.  Example:  voltage, phase, HP, size, color, anything that is important to you, etc.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We do NOT accept returns.  Shipping is based on zip code. This item will be shipped from the 17847 zip code. Thanks again.


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Hyster 897135 Challenger H70XL H80XL H90XL H100XL H110XL

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